Rules and Regulations

All new students are required to pay a € 15,00 registration fee, which is due on attendence at the first lesson. This should be handed to the teacher after completed the registration form: 
This fee is non-refundable.
Without a returned registration form, the student may be denied access to the class.

The tuition fee is for the full academic year and should be promptly paid within the first 2 weeks of the start of the school year. A late payment fee will be charged after the due dates respectevely. Students may be suspend or terminated if fees are not paid.
Fees are not refundable on account of student’s absence from classes. In case of illness/injury, a partial refund may be considered with a proof of a medical certificate. No concession of fees will be granted for period of vacations.


Students must be keep to regular attendance. If not, their progress may be effected. The teacher or the administrator should be kept informed if students are unable to attend the class.

Missed/cancelled class
Should students miss a class due to illness, they may attend another class of similar level, if available. However, permission should be obtained from the teacher or administrator prior to any replacement class.
Should a class be cancelled by Pointeworks due to uncontrollable development, (sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic, pandemic or any other unforeseen event) students will be refered to an alternative class. (This may be on a different day, time or location and might involve an extension to the term dates). No refunds will be given in this case.  

Students wishing to discontinue classes are required to give written notice to Pointeworks 6 weeks before the start of the new term. In lieu of notice the term fee must be paid.

Classroom regulations
-Students must be on time for every class.

-Students must be suitable and neatly attired for class

-Pointeworks should be informed of medical problems or physical injuries in order that the student is not over-strained during class.

-Pointeworks is not liable for any injury incurred during class time or waiting time.-Students who need to leave class before the lesson ends, should notify the teacher before class commences

-Do not enter the ballet studio with outdoor shoes

-No food or drinks are allowed in the studio and dressing rooms.

-Keep the waiting area clean,  keep noise to a minimum, avoid running and knocking on the windows/doors, as this will distract the students.

Open classes
Classes will be open to parents to observe at the end of each term.The exact date will be communicated in the newsletter.
Watching on other days is discouraged apart from exceptional circumstances and only by prior arrangement, as it can distract the child(ren).

Students are strongly advised not to bring any valuables when attending classes. Pointeworks cannot and will not be held responsible for any cash, valuables or other items which are lost or stolen at its premises.

Photography and Filming
Use of filming and photography is permitted with permission of the class teacher. But must not be used on social media unless within a closed group and with permission of the school principal.

Pointeworks reserves the right to publish photos/videos for archival and promotional purposes. Including appearing on: Pointeworks website, Facebook page, Instagram Page, Termly newsletters and the Ballet School Show DVD.

Anyone with any concerns about images posted by Pointeworks can contact the Principal.


Contacting Us
If you do have any questions regarding classes or wish to speak with a member of the teaching team, you are kindly requested to call (and leave a message i.a.) or send an e-mail; too many questions before or after a lesson cuts down on teaching time. Liane is most willing and able to take your calls preferably on Monday-, Tuesday- and Thursday-mornings.